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Charlie Hume is Charles Widmore by Judson

We know Penny and Desmond had a child name Charlie. I always thought this was odd. I am contending that Charlie Hume is Charles Widmore; therefore, Penny is her Father's mother. (it is out there, but I thought it would be kinda crazy)

Charles Widmore wants Desmond to come to the island and has to make a sacrifice. So what is the sacrifice? Perhaps to to ensure that Penny and Des never get together (like in the alt - which may be fabricated by the MIB, Jacob or "something" else - in kind of a Matrix like Utopia); thus never give birth to Charlie, who goes back in time to the island and grows up to be Charles Widmore who birth's Penny who meets Des and has a baby, Charlie/Charles Hume/Widmore.

Follow me here:

If this doesn't happen, then Charles Widmore never leads the Others (Because he never existed)

Perhaps then only Eloise is the Leader of the Others, never has Daniel Widmore/Faraday. Who never meets Desmond at Oxford, who never tells Jack about the Bomb and thus no incident - Hence Alt.

Ben/The Island doesn't challenge/banish Charles for having an affair with someone "off island" (which I believe is Penny, FYI the "Half Sister" to Daniel Widmore/Faraday). This means Ben never steals Alex. Isn't influence by his love for Alex and thus doesn't "Change the Rules" as when Ben said the rules were changed when Alex was murdered in cold blood by Keamy and Ben retaliates by calling the MIB to come and annihilate Widmore's men on from the freighter. Which leads to Ben never going to the Orchid, going off island and return on Ajira 316 with Dead Lock for MIB to assume and thus Ben never kills Jacob.

Ben never assumes role of Leader of the Others. Therefore, Ben never "loses his innocence", is sent off the island with the rest of the Dharma initiative and never calls Juliet, Ethan ect. to the island.

Then, if Desmond isn't motivated by love for Penny (Because she doesn't exist) he never takes the trip around the world, he doesn't crash on the island, he doesn't miss pushing the button and 815 doesn't crash.

There, the fabricated Alt created by the MIB or Jacob or "something", was created to mask their eyes to never "connect" with their "Love" (i.e. Desmond/Penny). Hence, ALT reality.


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