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The Black smoke, origin of feelings by thelonious

Sorry in advance for my English, it's not my first tongue. Where does one draw the line between good and evil? Imagine painting everything in your immediate surrounding black or white according to their prominent quality (i.e. 60% Good = GOOD; 41% Bad = GOOD; 12% Good= BAD, etc.). It's entirely subjective and based on your growing environment where your psychological condition is compiled. In this matter of thinking, everything is good and bad depending on who you'd ask so you can't paint anything black or white. This is also a world where everything is equally good and bad. Were no one knows "bad" because there's no "good" to compare it to. Now, on to Lost.

The alternate, LA X, greyverse is a world where every single human believes in fate, where everyone lacks feelings, and where no one ever has to make a choice. This isn't a world where the MIB has spread, it is where he has left the planet. Back i! n 1977, when Jack dropped the bomb (which had to be hit by Juliet, by the way, because Jack's been touched and can't kill himself) I believe the exotic energy slowly dissipated, giving Dharma the time to pack up and go home, the electromagnetic bubble/wine jug evaporated and at the last second the smoke monster and all its grains across the island shot out into space to rid the world of evil...and all joy.

This is what I think the island does. It imprisons an alien known to us as a smoke monster. This monster is made of electromagnetic waves. Im no physicist but i think the monster "moves" by picking up tiny grains of black volcanic ash lying around the island. A lot of it has been washed underground into catacombs so he moves fastest down there. So think of this evil as a hand under a blanket, the blanket representing millions of grains, moving forward. It picks up the grains in front of it and drops the ones behind it to move forward. The "evil" is formless without this "smoke". Now in the original timeline, where Jack didn't mess things up and Radzinsky blew his brains in the swan, everything off island isn't grey. People have choices and they make them, everyone has the choice to believe in free will, and these choices, like every choice, is the same coin just opposing outcomes. Jacob, Dogen, Richard are all lying about MIB's release. Evil won't spread he'll leave. And wi! th him will go happiness. When he was on the island for Earth's history, bit by bit he was blown away and carried across seas. This has always been going on and it's why human civilizations have gotten progressively more violent and greedy and other "sinful" attributes, (however, we've gotten progressively happier (or are able to be) and other balancing qualities) but its only been going on at the rate at which grains of sand spread across the world, not fast at all.

. It'll be a choice of continuing to lock up the smoke monster so the world can have pain and happiness but more importantly the choice that leads to either, or letting him leave, greying the world, and leaving us dumbfounded and choiceless.

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