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The Apple = Kate by Zoey

If you all remember, Kate is actually not on the list. SO... why is she there.

Kate is in no way a good person, as much as she has tried to redeem herself, she is the first to aim that gun. She is sin, regardless of anything she will do.

SHe is not on the list to take over for Jacob, and that being so has a very clear reason ( to me) she is the apple, the temptation. Between Jack and Sawyer.
Don`t eat the bad apple. Athough both of them have, what happened happened. Its what will happen after Jacob`s death what matters. She was never on that list, she was just there to tempt them, and that she did.

Now Sawyer moved on to Juilette, Jack never moved on at all, but it still does`nt matter. Whoever bites first will be the one to be crossed off. Both have had there inuendos even after Juilette you know Sawyer still has those feelings and Jack is a walking boner either way with Kate. Either way someone will take that step, and get her.

So whos the hungry guy.

my guess jack. cause he loves her, and always has. Sawyer found and lost love and never loved kate just lusted for her.
So I guess we will see what happens. But I can`t think of any other way why shes not on the list.

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