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Alternate Universe by Beefy

I have read many theories on the site about this alternate universe. Many of these theories have merit. The following is going to a list of questions that have I believe have been over looked by many.

If you believe the Jug-Head bomb created the Alt-Universe: then the Time Lines split at that point. We know Ben, his dad, Charles Widmore and Eloise all made it off the Island. SO the question is... Where is Richard, Jacob and MIB?

Richard should still be ageless. Jacob should be OK in his foot, and we know both of them can leave the island.

MIB should be OK as well. Whether he got off or not is debatable since he doesn't seem to be able to leave in the current time line.

If Dr. Chang made it off the island and was only 100 or so feet away from the bomb (drilling site), then it is not that much of a stretch to believe the everyone got off.

If the bomb cause the island to sink, then did Jacob "go down" with the island taking MIB with him?

If Jacob got off the Island and the island was evacuated, then couldn't MIB just leave? - He could just go with the last DHARMA group or kill them and take the sub or whatever transportation they used.

Where is Richard? I don't think he was ready to die back in the 70's.

Could Jug-Head have neutralized all of the islands special energy, causing Richard, to die? - (the same goes for Jacob and MIB). I don't believe so. My reasoning coming from the what I've seen in the show. No one wants to kill MIB only keep him on the island.

My next question is where does MIB want to go? What if he doesn't want to go anywhere? What if he just wants everyone off the island so he can take the island back in time to undo or change his own past - (which in in turn would change everyone's past). That could be considered "evil" - the possibility of changing the history of the world.

Could it be that the bomb did nothing and the Alt-Universe will be created when MIB leaves because all of our losties have already failed?

Anyway, this is just food for though. Have fun and please try and tare this apart.



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