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Your Package is Quite Explosive by Junderwood

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t make the most sense here. Charles Widmore’s turn of phrase sparked something in my mind and I began researching in a fury. The more I researched, the more I found out – about a science I never studied – and the more things began to fit…Thus the more excited and incoherent I became. I now know how Daniel Faraday must feel…

Anyway, after watching all of “The Package,” (please don’t continue reading if you have not watched the entire episode) we now know that the “package” is not a “what” it’s a “who.” And we know the “who” is Desmond Hume.

According to Widmore (and I’m paraphrasing here – I don’t have a DVR), the only thing that can destroy Flocke is the “Package.” We already know that Flocke has an aversion to electromagnetism – so, I’m thinking the package has to be something along those lines.

Then that sparked something in my “never-studied-physics-brain” – Is there such a thing as a “package” in the world of physics or electromagnetism?

Turns out there is…

There is actually an old military slang term called the “physics package.” The physics package refers to the actual explosive part of a nuclear weapon. I learned that on Urban Dictionary – yea, I know…

So, then off I went to Wikipedia (yea…I know…) to learn more about nuclear weaponry. I did a lot of skimming because I was way too excited to read anything too clearly. I saw that there were 3 main weapons design locations. One of which was Livermore – which, I can’t put a finger on why, but it made me think of Desmond. It might be a mix of “Widmore” and his European background – or there’s a fact I can’t remember from the show that associated Desmond with Livermore. Either way, I clicked it, and learned that at the Livermore location – their main weapon of study was named “The Swan.” Creepy!

We all know that the hatch was the Swan station – and Desmond spent an awful lot of time there. Which all ended by him fatefully turning the key and imploding it all to high heaven (or wherever it went).

So, my theory is that Desmond Hume is now a supercharged bomb, in his own right, and it is up to him to sacrifice himself and destroy Flocke.

I’m sure I could go into further detail on how this all fits into the larger scheme of all things Lost. But right now, this has excited me enough. And I want to keep this simplified to one theory.

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