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The Wizard Shazam? by Blank Slate

Now i know this will probably sound crazy but this has to do with the characters from a DC comics but i think it makes sense (i hope.) The wizard Shazam imbued two mortals with powers which relate to certain gods:

Solomon - Wisdom Shu - Stamina
Hercules - Strength Heru - Swiftness
Atlas - Stamina Amon - Strength
Zeus - Power Zehuti - Wisdom
Achilles - Courage Aton - Power
Mercury - Speed Mehen - Courage

Shazam had been the protector of Egypt for a millennia and grew weary and wanted to pass on a portion of his power to a worthy mortal, this mortal was Teth Adam. He became Mighty Adam imbued with the power from Shazam he was a force for good but became corrupted and power hungry and murdered the pharaoh. For his punishment Shazam renounced him and named him 'Black Adam' and then banished him from Earth into a nowhere place/realm. Many many years later a 15 year old boy called Billy Batson following the ghost of his dead father into a abandon railway station finds Shazam who gifts Billy with the same powers(Although i should say that Teth Adam was powered by the ancient egyptian gods while Billy was powered by the greco roman jeudo christian gods.) Billy becomes Captain Marvel who becomes a force for good (eventually becoming the new Shazam.) Black Adam eventually escapes from his prison and seek vengence and finds a new champion of Shazam, Captain Marvel. Black Adam becomes ! Captain Marvels worst adversary, some time friend and occasional ally.

Now the reason i have babbled on about comic book characters and not directly about Lost is Black Adam and Captain Marvel makes me think of Jacob and the Man In Black. Black Adam and Captain Marvel both have the same powers but use them in different ways yet ther powere comes from the same source. I have the same feeling about Jacob and MIB, like Ben said, 'We all answer to someone.'

Now please feel free to tell me im crazy or you violently disagree or on the other hand you might think thats interesting please comment and let me know

Thank you for your time.

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