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Widmore on Team Jacob by Supernerd

You can guess my theory by the title but I'll say it anyway. Widmore is on Jacob's side and going to help accomplish whatever Jacob's team needs done.

Many of my friends and acquaintances are assuming that Widmore is either on Team MIB or is not coming back to the island as part of a team but merely to seize the position as leader of the others (he doesn't realize most of them are dead) and/or to kill Ben once he realized that he succeeded in coming back to the island.

But I believe he is on Jacob's side. He did after all try to protect Locke from dying back in the real world when Locke came off the island. Locke told Widmore that Richard told him he would have to die (it was actually Flocke who told Richard). Widmore said that he CAN'T let that happen. Widmore knew that if Locke did die and get back to the island dead, his body would be seized by MIB.

I'm also going to go out on a limn here and suggest that Widmore also showed some unselfish behavior. While Ben used Locke as a key to get back to the island, Widmore chose to do what was best for team Jacob and try to protect Locke. This seems like a good-guy trait.

Also, Jacob told Hurley that he needed to help someone get to the island by bringing Jack to the lighthouse. He said that someone was coming to the island and that they needed to help them find it. And what happens a few episodes later? Widmore arrives on the island! Coincidence? I think not.

The creators of the show themselves have said that the main theme of the show is redemption. And Widmore by joining team Jacob would be redeeming himself like Ben.

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