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Ilana seems to be very sure that MiB/Smokey can now only change from his smoke form into the form of John Locke. A lot of people have theorised this is because Jacob is dead but I don't buy it. Surely MiB wouldn't have been so happy about killing Jacob if it meant it would restrict his own powers? And I doubt that he was unaware of this fact, he seems to know a hell of a lot!

So to me this means one thing - something Ilana did caused this to happen. Here we go:

I think MiB is trapped into Locke's body because everyone who saw him in Locke's body on one of his sessions masquerading as Locke also saw the REAL Locke's dead body. Let's follow the timeline:

MiB changes into Smokey and then Alex at the temple. He then changes back to Locke. This is the start of his next session using Locke's form. He then keeps this form all the way until he kills Bram and his mates at the temple, when he changes to Smokey again.

But who are the people who saw MiB using Locke's body during that session? They are Ben, Richard, Sun and all the Others in that group. Ilana shows them ALL the real body of John Locke on the beach before he turns into Smokey again, and lets be honest they ALL would have seen it. So that means that his secret is revealed to everyone who saw him masquerading as John Locke. I think this means that his bluff has been called, if you will.

Therefore he is only allowed (by the rules?) to take Locke's form along with his Smokey form. I also think that this is why bodies were buried by the Others at every opportunity - because MiB told them to. If people could see the dead bodies he was using, he would never be able to change from form to form if he got trapped in a state. So he commanded bodies to be buried.

Anyway cheers for reading, when I get a chance my second part of the theory will delve into a very similar theory, but involving MiB and someone else.


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