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who's on the black rock by Stevie T

I thought up this theory the other day when trying to consider who might be on the black rock. We have been strongly led to believe over the course of the past couple episodes (and to some extent seasons) that Richard was one such person who was aboard the ship. But do we know if there was anyone else of importance that could have been on the boat. Right now I will offer up two names: one was no doubt aboard the black rock and the other is more of a crackpot idea. As always sorry if these ideas were posted before, and first time theory poster… soo go easy on me.

The first: Magnus Hanso- We have known for quite some time now that Magnus Hanso was aboard and most likely the captain of the black rock. His burial site was listed on the blast door map in close vicinity to the black rock, his family has strong ties to the island, and I believe a ARG confirmed that he was indeed the captain (put as much stock in that as you will) But after all these seasons does his significance to our story still hold any water. Magnus is supposedly the great grandfather of Alvar Hanso, the same man who funded the degroots research and by extension the Dharma initiative on the island. But with only half a season left will the writers have time to explore all these ideas to a little bit greater extent. Sadly, I’m beginning to think that things like Alvar, the Degroots, and Ann Arbor might have run their course. Would it be nice to see all these things and how they play out in our story? Of course. But we already do have a sufficient amount of information! about these people and places and their influence in our story. So if Richard is indeed on the black rock and part of his story is revealed tonight, will we see Magnus?

The second: Desmond Hume- as I said before this guess is a little more out there. Who am I kidding; it’s a lot more out there. I really have no evidence to support this idea or a masterful theory that could; in some way, shape, or form, resemble a coherent thought. However there is the one event that really made me consider that Desmonds appearance on the black rock is possible, and that is Desmond’s seemingly impossible appearance aboard oceanic 815. What are the possible implications of him being on 815? We don’t know for sure yet, but if I was a betting man I would assume we will eventually get a Desmond episode in the coming weeks. So what secrets or story will that episode tell. Will we see Desmond on the island locked in Widmores submarine? maybe. I’m thinking however that Desmond, like when he was aboard 815 in the season six premiere, will be introduced tonight aboard the black rock, and then suddenly, we won’t see him again, just like his appearance on 815! . Then when Desmond’s episode eventually comes we will get two different explanations as to why he was in those places and what he could be doing there.

Again I have absolutely no proof to back any of this Desmond theory up. Why/how in the hell would Desmond be on the black rock, you might ask. Well I have no answer for you but to counter with Why/how in the hell would Desmond be on oceanic 815? All I know is that with all the flashbacks and flash forwards and whatever we have seen of Desmond, how much do we really know about him? The answer is; not very much. Unlike all of our main losties we have never seen Desmond as a child. We have never seen the type of relationship he had with his father or mother, or if he even knew them at all. And in a show where all of our main characters are shaped by their parental issues the absence of his is very interesting. I guess Desmond just really puzzles me because he’s suppose to be this very important person who “the island isn’t done with” in yet he isn’t (as far as we know) a candidate. What exactly makes his so special? Is he the one that initially created the sideways w! orld by not pushing the button and crashing 815 thus giving him some super timey-whimy specialness mojo? Is it possible that Desmond is special because he is the son of Jacob? Maybe Desmond is the third brother with Jacob and mib being the other two.

Okay I’m starting to ramble and its getting long, thanks for reading, don’t forget to rip me a new one in the comments.

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