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what was the need for flight 316? by bobby

Okay, something just came to me as I was reading some of these theories. If Widmore and Eloise still discuss whats going on with the island and seem to have the same interests in mind, then why didnt they just put everyone in Widmore's sub in the first place instead of trying to re-create as much as they could of flight 815?

Is it because they are on Jacob'side? I would think not because when Bram and his boys threw Miles in the van before he came to the island they told him he was playing for the wrong team. Wasnt Miles working for Widmore at that time? As far as that goes, why did Widmore even need to hire the freighter guys? Why didnt he send in his team via sub and capture Ben and be done with it. What was the need for the lampost station as well? Obviously Widmore could find the island anytime he wanted to. My guess is that since Jacob is dead whatever rules he broke dont matter anymore so now he can return.

I know that most will say the reason for flight 316 was to get Jack and company to go back in time so that they could cause the incident. That is one possibility. It is also obvious that Jacob had the ability to not just see into peoples lives as they happen, he had to have had a way to see their future as well. Bram and the gang knew they would be going to the island before the freighter guys ever left to try and find it. If they were not a part of team Widmore/Hawking then Jacob had to have forseen that flight 316 would be bringing back the Losties. Thats why he gave the others the orders to build the runway. The question now is could Jacob actually see the future or does he now this because it has already happened before? (It always ends the same)

I also have some really dumb questions to ask while I'm at it.(as if my post hasnt been dumb enough already)

1. When the island was moved to the ocean floor did that mean that the looking glass staion moved to the surface. lol

2. What is Vincent? He is not just a dog.

3. Did the incident cause the fertility issues? Babies were being born just fine before it happend. Radiatioin is a bitch!

4. Why did the MIB whine about everyone coming to the island and fighting? From the looks of it he loves a good fight himself.

5. Did Jacobs house under the statue smell like feet/foot?

6. What brand of eyeliner is Richard wearing? would love to get some for my wife. He has been wearing it for years and it hasnt smudged or worn off yet. Amazing.

7. Last question, do you like the direction Lost has taken? Myself, I found the show far more interesting when the main question was: What is up with the others and why dont they want to let the losties off the island? I loved trying to figure out what the mysterious island could be, was there a way to even get off the island alive, why would there be a state of the art washer and dryer in the hatch but the stereo only played records, how did Jack and Kate escape the island and why on earth would he want to get back, so on and so forth. But once the time shifting started everything that happened in the first three seasons kind of became pointless. I liked the thoughts of a plane crashing on a strange island to be an accident, not the works of two really old dudes who have been playing a game for a long, long time. I know it is a sci-fi show at heart, but this whole Jacob/Mib battle throws any sense of logic that could come out of this show completely out the window.

As always, thanks for your time. I hope you enjoy the rest of this amazing show's final season.

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