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What lies...? Jacob's Ashes by The Graphite

Okay, I think I might have just figured it out the Latin riddle. Not sure. I'm still 99% sure that Locke is a total red herring in this matter, though.

- Q: What lies in the shadow of the statue?
- A: He who will save us all.

Okay, setting aside the possible pun-ditry of Ben "lying" .... what is laying in the shadow of the statue? Inside, in the shadows, that is?

The ashes of Jacob. He mysteriously vanished like Obi-Wan Kenobi, leaving just his ashes in the center fire pit. What did Ilana do when she walked in? She asked Ben what happened. He told half the truth, half a lie, concluded by saying that Jacob was dead and the Lockeness Monster kicked Jacob into the fire and he just burned up.

IN RESPONSE TO THAT FACT, Ilana walks over and picks up the ashes of Jacob and puts them in her pouch before leaving.

WHAT lies in the shadow of the statue? HE who will save us.

What do the ashes do? Protect people from the Mysterious, Insidious Bad-guy, MIB. The ashes are a what, and a who. And this theory would even have double meaning if it turns out that Jacob is a liar, of course.

Now, I will add that for some time now, I have strongly agreed with the camp that holds that Ben and MIB are the two brothers from the original Myst game, and they are both rotten and shouldn't be trusted. This theory might contradict that one, although you could consider that the people who say this riddle are people who specifically serve Jacob, so naturally they would consider him the bad guy, even if we fans end up seeing him as a bad guy along with MIB.

But, we'll see!

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