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I remember in season one when Jack, Kate, and Charlie go to the cockpit of the plane they find the pilot there and he tells them that he was 1000 miles off course and turned back for Austrailia. (something like that). If they were 1000 miles off course and Desmond not entering the code in time is what brought the plane down then why did they show us the island underwater and the plane flying staight over it.

They had some turbulance and then seem to get to LAX in record time. If them being off course the first time is what brought them close enough for the plane to crash there, then why were they not off course this time? It also has always seemed strange that Eloise told them about certain windows in time that would bring them back on flight 316. We have now seen that some of the people get pulled off the plane each time (jack in the jungle both times, etc.) So if there is a window that takes you to the island l! ike 316 then why would they need to say that Desmond is the reason they crashed. I understand that the anomalies or windows to the island could bring them to different places around the island but just seems like they didnt need someone to stop pushing a button this time to bring a plane there. Flight 316 went from night to day when they flew thru the window and was pointed right at the island. Maybe fight 815 was pointed in the other direction and still needed a push to crash there?. I understand that the producers have already said that it was Desmonds failure to not push the button in time that brought them down and I am fine with that. I just dont know why they didnt get close to the island until they were 1000 miles off course in the first season. Just trying to figure out if the island was in a different place this time or if the producers just forgot that they were originally off course in the first season. Sorry but that all I can think of for that one. Any thoughts! ??? !

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