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What exactly is the flash sideways by Lostdogma

After piecing together all the events that take place in real (2007) time and the alternate destiny that's unfolding in the sideways (2004) recaps there are certain conclusions that seem to form a logical conclusion.

1. In the Season 6 opening episode the island is sunk and 815 flies above it unharmed. After landing in LA the passengers then have their lives unfold for us in the sideway reality. Since the island is sunken it can be assumed that the selection of candidates is no longer ocurring.

2. There is nothing that keeps Jacob from reusing numbers on the compass, If this game has been going on for many centuries; 360 names would probably not be enough. Jacob visited many of the candidates as children but Jack, Sayid and Hugo as adults. That would explain why Jack’s name looked more recent than most of the others. Let’s say that when a candidate falls or is turned, the Island picks a new candidate and Jacob sees them in the mirrors. He then manipulates their lives to steer them to the island. On the island they are tested by the MIB to see if they are worthy. Like Jacob said in the season 5 finale, “it only takes one”. That "one" will be able to finally end the game.

3. We have seen that both Jacob and the MIB has needed to have the candidates come to the island so they can be testes. If they fail than MIB can leave the island. It seems that Jacob will have a limitless supply of candidates unless MIB gets the candidates to follow him and leave the island.

4. What we are actually seeing in the flash sideways is the epilogue to LOST. the game is over between Jacob/MIB. The island has sunk and reality is reset; for no telling how many centuries and candidates. The characters are free to live out their lives without Jacob's manipulations and we are actually seeing what will happen after LOST.

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