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Walt & He Who Will Save Us All by Jordan White

Ok not too in depth of a theory here but...

I'm going to say that John Locke's body is DEFINITELY coming back to life. This is based on two simple things.

1. What lies in the shadow of the statue? He who will save us all. Locke's body is currently lying in the shadow of the statue.

2. When Locke was recruiting the Losties to come back to the island, Walt told John that he had a dream that John was dressed in a suit and that everyone wanted to hurt him. Well now it makes sense that everyone would want to hurt him because everyone knows that Smokey is controlling Locke's body. They will see the real Locke and think it is Smokey and try to kill him.

So I don't know how we get there, what it really means, what will be left out and what will be answered...but the real Locke is DEFINITELY going to save the day haha.


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