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Wallace could be....... by Agimudie

There has been a big deal on who wallace is. some say desmond, some say random people...But what if wallace is MIB? His name was crossed out on the candidate list, just like claire's was, and it would make sense that he is the most important number. I wrote an earlier theory establishing him as the first candidate, just as a guess, but it seems that it could be true.

It wouldn't make that much sense to randomly add a character as wallace or have wallace as a character we know with a changed name. Plus we still don't know his name (not that i am this committed to start calling him wallace). MIB could have been a candidate, said screw you to jacob, and some how got powers and decided to do his own thing. Who knows. I try not to think so much about this show and just let it play out....wallace could have no significance what so ever...haha.

or wallace is the hurley bird taking the form of walt in order to warn future hurley that the island is actually just a habitat for animals that are black in color, thats why dharma tried to get the polar bears to survive there, since they are white they die.......(that was just made up and is a satire of some of the ridiculous theories i have heard fyi).

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