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The Two Timelines, 1 Saved 1 Doomed by TommyBoy

First off the numbers 4,8,15,16,23,42 represent the valenzetti equation, which is an equation to determine when the world is going to end. each one of jacobs candidates (people he touched) are represented by a number.

in the main timeline the island is above sea level, therefore not acting as a cork, the losties are there to try to stop the world from ending (as hawking says to desmond, kelvin says to desmond, and even mikhail(patchy) says he was brought to the island to save the world).

This is why Mrs hawking (in the alt timeline) insisted desmond went to the island instead of being with penny, because he had to go turn that key, so they would have a second chance at saving the world.

Desmond was having nosebleeds after his flashes because he needed something in both time lines he could connect with so it would keep his mind grounded, and stop it from jumping between timelines

Desmond seen a white flash when he turned the key, the losties seen a white flash after the bomb went off and we seen white flashes when they were skipping through time. When desmond turned the key he stopped time on the island. this making it possible for the island to skip through time. this make sense as to why faradays "payload" experiment came back with a different time then it should have, it also makes sense as to why DR. Rays dead body showed up on the island before he was actually killed by Keamy, and also as to why when they left on the chopper it was light out, and then dark once they got out of the islands radius.

the white flash means a change of time, not an explosion. all the bomb did was reset the island time back to normal, because their plan worked (as juliete said)it stopped the release of magnetic energy, it stopped the island from sinking, where as previously, all they did was contain the energy by using the hatch by putting in the numbers of an equation thats supposed to end the world.

The island didnt blow up in 1977 it sunk(due to the magnetic energy pulling it below sea level) This would also explain why dharmaville and the four toed statue were still intact underwater.

Faraday said in season 5 while explaining time travel, the island is like a record player and its skipping, when its fixed it will create a new strand of time. so it created the strand back in 1977, therefore jacob is dead because he sunk with the island. so in this timeline he cant influence any of his candidates. This means that the alt timeline is how there lives would have been without jacobs influence. This also makes Jacob extremely important because he is responsible for saving the world. because it was his influence that made the losties end up on the island in the first place.

Mrs Hawking knew the alt timeline was in trouble, thats why she sent daniel to the island to inform everyone of the magnetic properties of the island, and to make sure the magnetic energy is never released. The losties going back in time and changing the main timeline, was the only hope the world had to survive.

If the plane never crashed on the island they would have never been able to go back in time and stop the hatch from ever being built. the hatch was there to stop the magnetic energy from escaping. If desmond would have let the timer run out, the island would have sunk, this causing the end of the world in the main timeline because the magnetic energy would have pulled the island below sea level. The button was actually saving the world, and by desmond turning the fail-safe key (a second chance at saving the world) gave the losties another route to save the island/world and that was by actually going back in time, and stopping the others from actually exposing the magnetic energy.

so the ALT timeline will end shortly, and it will be because the world came to an end, the valenzetti equation was right, and those people caused the end of the world. Well the ALT world anyways.

The losties may have caused the end of the world (alt timeline), but they were able to keep the main timeline stream intact and running, thus saving that world from coming to an end. they used there second chance (fail-safe key) correct, by finding another way to never expose the magnetic energy and never have the island sink

BUT there is something else thats trouble and that is flocke and jacob, the only way the main timelines future could be in jeopardy is if the flocke gets off the island. He is obviously evil, and wants off the island so he can make the main time line end as well. MIB wants off the island so he can go home, his home is Hell, he is the devil, he wants to rule the afterlife, but Jacob has him trapped in the real world.

Jacob needs to find a replacement and MIB needs to be trapped (like a bottle with a CORK on it) so the timeline can be run like it has been for the last hundred of years. because if MIB overtakes the island and gets off, this leaves the candidates and valenzetti equation 4,8,15,16,23,42 responsible for the end of both time lines.

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