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Time Loop Theory by Adkidlost

I recently started reading through other forums related to Lost, including Youtube video theories. One of the most interesting ones is the time loop theory.

The time loop theory by its very title encompasses what Lost has presented over the past several seasons, and provides answers to many questions. How is it that so many events and choices made by all the characters are interconnected? Why do the Losties need to return to the Island to resolve their destinies? Why does Jacob need so many participants to succeed?

If indeed at the heart of the story is how and why the Losties are drawn to the Island to solve their problems and simultaneously help Jacob/Island to succeed, than indeed a time loop would help resolve the how and why.

A kid by the name of Duphe has a channel in Youtube that really got my brain moving. He describes how the time loop may provide answers to the first episode the Pilot. Why Jack has the cuts in his lower back and Locke’s scar on his eye. That Jack and Locke had ensued in a knife fight, and that this was simply the start or part of the Lost loop.

What do you think?

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