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They've Got Gods On Their Sides! by silkyblock

The theory below is not mine, I don't take any credit for it whatsoever, but I had to post it to let people on darkufo read it...It's long but well worth the read...enjoy


This vague theory is inspired by ( amongst other things) Stephen king’s – ‘The Stand’ ( which has been cited by TPTB as a major inspiration and I have just finished reading ) You don't need to have read 'the stand' to understand this theory or take part in this thread

also here is the quote from Damon about ' The Stand '
from Sam G's superb 'what they said TPTB'

DL "one of the seminal key influences on the show is Stephen King's 'The Stand.' J.J., Carleton and I have all read it, and it is sort of very similar in good versus evil playing out in a dramatic and supernatural context. That is a work that is often referred to."

As I was reading ‘the stand’ I was forming an idea about how a similar entity/god/demon to the dark man/walking dude/devil’s imp ( Randall Flagg was the name he gave to his 'human' self ) could be responsible for the seemingly impossible connections and coincidences that seem to surround the losties before they crashed on the island - and some of the strange phenomena that they have experienced since crashing on the island.

Imagine my double take when I got to the very end of the book and came upon the last tiny section called ‘the circle closes’ where this ‘devels imp’ find himself re-encarnated on a tropical island where he immediately causes the natives to start serving him.
For those that don’t know, the working title of lost was ‘the circle’- ( thanks Todell )

So I think that a demon or evil lesser god or whatever was either sent or banished or marooned on the island many years before the present day and this was the birth of the island as we see it now. Forgetting dharma for the moment, this evil spirit was worshipped by the ‘natives’ and they built a statue in homage to him.

One name once given to this evil man in ‘the stand’ was anubis
Anubis in some depictions had four toes and was the gatekeeper of the underworld, leading the dead through their journey and performing tests upon them to evaluate their worthiness. so this Egyptian lesser god is probably a good candidate for the identity of the demon. Moreover, he is connected to the embalming process which could give an explanation for the well preserved state of adam& eve and the black rock

Anyway it would seem that the original population of the island died out somehow – maybe too many sacrifices or the founder’s effect – who knows – and I think the dark spirit was stuck on the island ( possibly due to the island’s natural properties ) and started to reach out and try and draw people to the island to serve him and amuse him –after all , whats a god without anyone to worship him ?
This is where the manipulation of fate comes in, It’s great fun to try and find scientific explanations for such phenomena on lost ( and i will continue trying ) but who/what can really change people’s destiny in such a way but a god or supernatural power ?
Perhaps he wanted to build an underground palace so he manipulated the fate of the black rock mining vessel and it was washed ashore to serve his purposes

This could explain some of the strange connections between the losties pre island, because if some higher power was influencing certain people in order to get them to the island, it would probably serve his purpose to have these people interact with each other and effect each other’s lives so as to more easily manipulate each of them and create this web which slowly drew all those people to that flight that was destined to crash and certain people were destined to survive that crash. - Make the psychic have that vision to coerce Claire, use the same channel to get eko to Australia (maybe having already caused the drug plane to crash there somehow – lots of potential for evil with all that heroin ) the heroin was maybe why he bought Charlie too – a test ? ; make sawyer go and kill the guy he thougt was the real sawyer, , give Bernard the idea of taking rose to Australia ; make hurley win the lottery and reap the numbers bad luck etc etc.
And once on the island he could cause the visions and dreams to serve his purposes.

there is also the possibility that the people he sought were somehow psychic and therefore more susceptible to his manipulations.

At this point I should expand the idea to say that maybe there are two supernatural forces on the island, - two sides - one good, one bad ; one dark, one light as it were, that could be pursuing different agendas. I amongst others have long thought how there seems to be conflict and contrast in the ends persued by the dreams & visions that people have had. Charlie’s dream about Aaron for example could be from the good side, whilst locke’s vision of the drug plane could have been by the bad side – with boon as ‘the sacrifice’

The good side ( and I guess they could even be two sides of the same entity ) may have also been privy to the knowledge that the plane was going to crash on the island and caused some people of it’s choosing to be on that flight - jack ? locke ? walt ?
I would say that sawyer, kate Charlie and probably eko were bought to serve evil.

But heres the snag for the gods, you cant control people entirely – you can influence them and manipulate their fate and destiny ( if you are a god or similar ) but they still have some freedom of choice, which Charlie used to come off the drugs for example – with a little help from the good locke.

So now to dharma and the others – I think if you took the history (timeline) of the island to be a bottle of wine – dharma would be the last sip. But I think that maybe the gods had a hand in the founding and direction and goals of the initiative ( without them necessarily knowing about it ) and I think that possibly the incident was the demon interfering in the attempt to change the core values of the equation – manipulating destiny and fate so that the result was set in stone, making it so that every time one factor was changed the others adjusted to give the same result. Also maybe he used the numbers to reach out and that would explain their ‘significance issues’
And what about HIM ? well randall flagg – the name that the dark man in ‘the stand’ used for himself was often referred to as HIM because peopole were scared of him and didn’t like to use his name.
Now if henry says about him and his cronies – we’re the good guys then perhaps they serve the good side ( or maybe they just think they do ) that’s where it becomes a little hazy so I would welcome any feedback


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