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There is a Third Person: The Mother by Clone2001

First, some scenes:

1) Isabela (Ricardo´s wife) appears firt in the ship. She refers to the devil. Isabela says that they are in hell and there is the Devil. The Black Smoke appears, she leaves and then, off sight, she screams. Man in Black appears and tells ricardo that the Devil has got her;

2)Jacob and Ricardo talk on the beach. Ricardo asks where is his wife, he has seen her. Jacob replies: I dont know where is she and that "It was not your wife".

3) Isabela appears to Hugo. She conforts Ricardo and tells him to stop MIB.

The question is: Who is Isabela? But she is dead. Her body even isn´t on the island. We already know Nemesis is able to assume the bodies of dead people on the island (Eko`s brother, Alex, maybe Christian) and even "loop hole" one`s body (what I think may be different from the others). It`s not MIB, at least on the second apparition.

And what about others appearances, such as Ben`s mother and Kate`s horse? I digress a little: Jacob says something along these lines to Ricardo on the beach: "I want them to save themselves, not telling them what is right or wong". Ricardo answers: "But He will!". But Isabela appears anyway. It´s not Jacob, he wouldnt interfere.

It`s a female figure, still obscure, that is revealing herself along the plot (Rosseau, Claire and Aaron´s birth, Sun pregnancy, Juliet and the birth issues, Ben`s mother apparition, mother issues between Kate and Claire) and, ultimately, through women apparitions (Isabela) to balance the conflict between brothers (EvilXGood, DeathXLife, FreeWillXDestiny, depending of your perspective)and help some through their journeys.

From my perspective, there is a third party missing in this story and its a woman. May be Esau`s and Jacob`s mother (Flocke`s dialogue last episode). It`s her who assumes an important role when Jacob`s "do it yourself" policy fails to prevent people from evil. It is a mother attitude to encourage, to confort, to provide.

And, I´m goint further: MIB killed his own mother with his inhuman powers. Jacob did justice, almost killed him. But he would not forgive or forget that. He trapped him. If Nemesis is unleashed, there will be disease and infertility in the outside world.

Moreover, Kate is the most important mother figure of the story. She assumes that role whenever its crucial. She is not a candidate to replace Jacob. Her identity is related to this woman, possibly a mother, who is mythical third "deity" of the island.


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