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A theory on accents by Handsome Hanso Ben

Hey folks first time poster,

So! I've been watching the show from the beginning like I'm sure most of you have. One thing I have noticed is that for the most part accent and language use in this show seem to be accurate. At least, accurate enough to pass by an average american viewers (like me) ears and seem authentic.

My theory is that there is a clue in two peoples accents that seemingly makes no DANG SENSE when taken into context of who they are and where they "might" be from.

I kinda missed the date, couldn't tell if it was 1700s or 1800s but in Ab Aetreno,richard ends up on the island way back then. He meets both MIB and Jacob. Both have modern day American accents. How does that make sense?! It might just be an oversite on the writers part but I think it might be a CLUE. Or at least integral to the characters real origins.

Jacob has been shown to speak a couple languages fluently, and if im not mistaken it was expressly pointed out by Sun at the Kwon wedding. (i might be remembering that wrong, anyhow) Why speak in a modern american accent to (spanish speaking) richard when that accent doesn't even exist yet?

Yep. My little clue is leading me to believe that jacob and MIB are from the future based on their accents.

The only reason I give it any credence is because of the mention of accents in the show. Naomi and charlie talk about manchester accents, richards dead wife says how good his english is, dogan with his hate for english... previously mentioned jacob at kwon wedding... which i might have made up in my own head... Any other examples of accents in the show being pointed out? or mentioned?

Even in the single episode itself english as a language was brought up as a plot point, basically the reason richard was bought and put on the black rock... and not killed.

Is this rambling? Im sorry, it's my first post and ive been reading theories on here for a few months and love the site. don't wanna get people mad at me for posting something so simple and not really mind blowing but, hadn't seen it posted before.


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