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Storms by Misha

A simple theory: Smokey/MIB has the ability to affect the weather around the island, or at least to conjure up a storm.

After Jacob & MIB chat on the sunny beach in Season 5, and the Black Rock is seen coming toward the island, as MIB walks away, he causes the storm that we then see in Ab Aeterno, from the perspective of those on the Black Rock. MIB's intent has nothing to do with the Black Rock - rather, he wants to cause the collapse of the statue on top of Jacob and sends a tidal wave to destroy it.

I think this is what Jacob means when he later says to MIB "You tried to kill me" in Ab Aeterno. I don't think he means Ricardo's feeble attempt - I think he means the destruction of the statue as an attempt to bury Jacob alive. And I think that's why Jacob is so pissed off, viciously taking it out on half-starved and meek Ricardo... Jacob was in a very, very bad mood.

And I think we'll see a storm conjured in a future episode. Let's guess that it will happen as a replay of the same scene from Season 5 when Juliet et. al. find themselves in the outrigger, flashing into a storm and being shot at, only seen from the other boat's perspective with MIB conjuring the storm.

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