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Statue of Tawaret ... Are you sure? by Meglatron

I have been wondering for some time about the statue and how the Lost internet sites seem to take it for granted that it is Tawaret the goddess of birth and fertility. Good place to worsip that goddess for her greatness in an a place were birth and fertiliy seem to be a lttle screwed up (you could also argue that is why it is there to help this problem but temlpes seem to be built on specific sites where the god is "present" and so they can appease them directly.

One small problem of this is that Jaco would be living ni a girls house and I cant imagine the American Boris Becker doing that!

On the last episode we saw the state as the ship psmashed through it. The head of the statue, I wuold say, was that of a crocodile. If you agree with me so far then we have already discounted that the statue is of Tawaret as she has the head of a hippo. Yes she issaid to carry the Ankh but this symbol of life was prevalent throughout ancient Egypt and is occurrence would not conclude that it is Tawaret.

So I started looking at crocodile headed gods. I stuck with what were considered the main deities. The first one that comes up is Sobek, the God of Crocs! Here is soem info on him from another website:

Crocodile god, either portrayed as a crocodile (often on a shrine or altar) or as a man with a crocodile's head, often wearing an elaborate head-dress consisting of the horned sun-disc and upright feathers. Originally a demon, as crocodiles were such feared creatures in a nation so dependent on the Nile, his worship began as an attempt to pacify the crocodile and so reduce the danger it posed. Gradually Sobek came to symbolise the produce of the Nile, and the fertility that it brought to the land, and so his status quickly became more ambiguous. Sometimes the ferocity of a crocodile was seen in a positive light, and such, Sobek was considered a patron of the army, representing strength and power. During the 12th and 13th Dynasties, the cult of Sobek was given particular prominence, as the names of such rulers as Sobekhotep and Sobekneferu indicate.

Another site on Sobek says: Sobek also known as sebek. the god of crocodiles. His symbol is the crocodile. This god had the body of human head of a crocodile. As told in the book of the dead, Horus the elder enlisted to help sobek kill his uncle seth. Ancient egyptians who lived in cities who depended on water worshiped sobek.

Sobek is heavily associated wit water smoething that a lot people refer t as beinga central theme.

What I find interesting is that he was worshipped to pacify the demon (crocodiles were evil little things!)

Perhaps more interestnig is Ammit, he was a combination of crocodile (for the head) and other animals (before saying he had a mans body, Tawaret is a woman and also has animal body parts). Ammit's role in ancient Egypt could fit very well in to Jacobs role - he was the devourer of souls who devoured the hearts of the evil people, he sat near the scales (on which the deceased heart was weighed against Maats feather of truth) in many Egyptian paintings of him.

These are just some thoughts I hvehad on the statue. Also Tawaret was a household deity and not the main god of fertility, Min. Also Hathor was a mother/fertility goddess - a woman with a cows head.

Some of the other gods seem to fit very well in to the theme of Jacob and MIB but we really need an Egyptologst to cnofirm this stuff! The problem with the Heiroglyphs is that they can be very hard to translate without all the glyphs involved in that construction but there are a few good sites about what heiroglyphs they have had

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