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The significance of 3 x 6? by Joolesy

People are debating in these forums over who is good and who is evil on the island. Is it Jacob or the MIB that is good/evil?

Ultimately it seems that this question is irresolvable, simply because of the subjective nature of good and evil. One man's good is another man's evil. I do not believe this question will be resolved by the end of the series due to the multifarious positions any one observer can take with respect to evil.

For example, both Bush and Bin Laden had absolutely no doubt that they themselves were righteous and good whether invading Iraq or crashing planes into towers. But from the other's perspective, each is viewed and portrayed as the personification of evil.

So back to Lost, back to the island. Is Smokie evil because he kills people, or benevolent and good because he saves them from suffering in purgatory, from the hardships of the island?

Likewise, is Jacob evil on account of the suffering the people he brings to the island are forced to endure, or is he good because of the reasons behind why he brings them to the island?

Again, which is the ultimate good and evil seems to be a question that has no definitive answer.

And yet, in this last episode, Ab Aeterno, the devil is invoked again and again. As outlined above, I think that the question of where/in whom such a devil resides is highly subjective; there is no definitive answer, as shown by Richard's shift over time on who the devil is.

But have we been given subtle hints of the presence of the devil throughout Lost and not picked up on them?

6 numbers.
The oceanic 6.
6 candidates.

666. The number, accordingly to some, of the beast, the anti-Christ, the devil.

Is there any connection that each of these numbers is 6, rather than any other figure? Is this a subtle hint towards an evil on the island?

Perhaps making this link would be stretching the symbolism too far? Personally I am inclined to think so, but given that it appears no one has mentioned this possibility I thought I would bring it up and see what people have to thing about it.

Is the number 6 significant in any way, as outlined above, or just an arbitrary value that carries no significance at all? What do you think?

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