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Sayid could have killed Flocke by Supernerd

I personally am annoyed. People keep saying that they believe Flocke when he said that Dogen just sent Sayid out to try and fail to kill Flocke. They agree that it was an impossible mission and that Dogen was just trying to kill Sayid without having to do it himself.

Dogen said that Sayid had to kill him before Flocke spoke. A lot of people took this as that he had to kill him before he could talk to him and/or talk him out of it. But I think Dogen meant it literally as in Sayid had to kill him before he spoke.

Flocke DID speak before Sayid stabbed him. I'm too lazy to go look up the exact wording right now but it was something to the effect of "Hello"? I'm pretty sure that's what he said. If he said something else than say so in the comments but my point is that Dogen said to kill him before he spoke/had a chance to talk. And Sayid stabbed him after he spoke. So it annoys me when people say that Flocke can't be killed since Sayid couldn't.

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