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The Rules of killing MIB/Jacob by Kopczy

In Ab Aeterno we once again saw one of the "dieties" instructing a castaway to kill the other. The MIB gave Richard a bargain and then a dagger, he instructed Richard to kill Jacob by suprising him, not allowing him to speak before driving the dagger into his heart. If he speaks, it is too late.

Dogen gave the same instructions to Sawyer and Sayid before sending them after MIB.

In the Season 5 finale the MIB enters the Temple with Ben instructing Ben to kill Jacob; that Ben needs to kill Jacob. After entering the temple and the subsequent conversation, Ben kills Jacob in the instructed manner. However, Jacob was able to speak to Ben before Ben killed him.

This seems to conflict the Rules set to kill either MIB/Jacob. Or is the manipulation of Ben the actual loophole in being able to kill Jacob?

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