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Recon Deconstructed by DarkShoe

What is reality? "Do you think that sex, money,and power (reality's big numbers) would have stood up one single instant without a fascination to support them which originates precisly in the inverted mirror where they are reflected and continually reversed, and where their imaginary catastrophe generates a tangible and immanent gratification?" Jean Braudrillard. Speaking of sex, money, and power in Recon Sawyer plays an undercover cop who sleeps with the suspect,dumps a suitcase full of money on the bed and call in backup to arrest her. Crime doesn't pay in the real world of LA X. Because rationality has to be learned. We learn these things at the family dinner table. It's not every man for himself or the law of the jungle.

Food is served in portions, on plates with prayer, and good manners are learned. The distinction between past and future must be upheld so we can learn from our past mistakes to make a b! etter future. In the real word logic would dictate that a person must be either alive or dead, but not both at the same time. Therefore crime doesn't pay, a lesson so important that it must be repeated over and over in an endless series of TV cop shows. We must enter these number into our remote control every 108 minutes or else! Even if, like John Lock, you feel you're not getting your fair share, you can't just pull the plug. Our so called reality will implode. Our children will grow up without a moral compass which is lost in a timeloop. Without the magic numbers our coaches will turn to pumpkins. Comets will fall from the sky and smash our fast food restaurants. Our Hall of Justice will turn into Jacob's cave. Our hospital will turn into Jacobs temple pool. Our travel agency will be run by Mrs. Hawkins by candlelight in the basement of a church. Science will get weird. Even when Faraday get his rat to run the maze there are unfortunate side effects and noseblee! ds. Young girls will abandon their babes and walk off in the ! woods wi th the ghost of their dead father. And especially think twice before you drop an atomic device into a pocket of negatively charged exotic matter. Someone might get hurt. Don't be selfish, Jack. You can't "change your own diaper", or redeem your other self who is a mere child at the time and living in LA and who will lose his appendix but who will nonetheless grow up to be just like you, and who will 30 years later get on a plane that won't crash but will (if Faraday's equation is correct) land saftly in LA where you will have a new son in a new timeline even after you walked out on Kate and Aaron, or was that before you walked out on Kate and Aaron, leaving you on the beach back at square one with Team Jacob having lost your faith in reason with nothing left to fight off the smoke monster but a bag of ash.

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