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I've been reading a lot of stuff with the Jacob is MIB idea. I liked a recent one that dissected the Season 5 Finale. And then there's the Jacob is MIB and MIB is Aaron thing. A recent theory suggested that Flocke revealed all of this with his crazy mother talk to Kate in "Recon." Thus another time shift would need to take place - in order for Jacob and MIB to be awaiting the Block Rock's arrival - and a splitting of the Jacob/MIB/Aaron "individuality." Cool stuff. Here's a theory, or just an observation really, that I've kicking around since the opening scene of "the incident." Perhaps it's explained by the multiple identities of the island's protector stuff. But maybe not. I'll put the observation out there though, and hopefully some of your comments can piece more things together. On with it:

So, on the beach with Jacob and MIB, when are we? Black Rock time. When is that? Mid-late 19th century. Awesome. No electricity, spinning wheels, fish fillets on stones, old-world garb, big ship, full statue, and, wait, what's that? contemporary American accents?

This could be excused on any American television show that is pleading for ratings and money, and is thus forced to overlook certain historical impossibilities so that the audience isn't confused. But Lost certainly isn't that show. The writers/directors/producers, as far as language is concerned, have thrown all sorts of curve balls at the audience. Korean. Not-translated Korean. Brit-speak. Southern-gent. Eastern-European. Whatever language is spoken in Tunisia. And, oh yeah, LATIN, a dead language (i love latin, don't crucify me, I don't think it's dead, but, it's dead.). So would this same show, for the gross sake of satisfying/not-frightening/not confusing an audience, allow Jacob and MIB to speak in contemporary American accents in the mid-late 19th century? They speak in a dialect that didn't even exist in the 19th century. And it couldn't have been by mistake. It's a clue. It's intentional. Answering the "how/why" question might link up with the "who" exactly Jacob i! s thing.

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