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No Replacements? by Lee Coxon (UK)

Hi, I've been reading these theories since the beginning and I love them but I have never wrote one myself because I find it hard to put down in words what I think, so basically I'm gonna keep it short :)

I think their may very well be no replacement, Jacob & MIB are both very much manipulaters as we all know. Do we really think Jacob needs to be replaced because he died? He couldnt/wouldnt interveen in the past (as he said to Richard - freewill, helping themselves) all he has ever done has got someone else to "speak" for him ala. Ben/Richard/Hurley. Even now when he's dead he's still pulling the strings, does he really need a replacement or was this the long con against MIB?

I have one other small theory that I can't shake from my mind, and its that the MIB is actually Jacobs replacement, but I'm still trying to put the pieces together to explain this one. The basic thought is the conversation between Richard & Jacob again, the whole "wanting them to help themselves" is this all Jacob ever wanted for the MIB? MIB has protected the island in the past against the freighter people etc. but does he still need to learn his lesson?

Then lastly the conversation between Jacob & MIB before MIB breaks the wine bottle. I can't remember word for word, but Jacob says when he dies he'll get a replacement and MIB answers sharply "I'll kill him too" is this Jacobs plan? would MIB want to kill Jacob's replacement if it was himself? lol

So their we have it, my crazy silly theory, sorry for not having a better way of describing it, but I hope you enjoyed it and can elaborate on it somemore :) Please read with an open mind.



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