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MIB is the son of God by desi888

MIB is the son of god. He is trapped on the island by the devil. Jacob is the devil. Why are we assuming that black is evil & white is good?

If Jacob is good/white why does he promote killing? Why would a good man attack Ricardo/Richard? Notice that as the black rock was approaching the statue the man said it was the devil. Why is Jacob living in the statue of the devil?

Why is it that Jacob can leave the island at will to promote evil in the world but yet MIB is trapped on the island unable to promote good?

Jacob can not change form but yet MIB can. Also notice that MIB is Smokie( another black reference) after scanning he destroys or kills only the truly evil people. Why was Eko killed but not Claire or Sayid?

MIB said that Jacob has Isabella & in order for Ricardo to be with her he must first kill the devil that is holding her. Jacob is keeping the good from moving on to "heaven" Only by freeing Isabella can they live forever in eternity.

MIB tells Ricardo that even after choosing to join Jacob he can always come back to him. Only when Ricardo digs up the cross & repents & begs MIB to join him does Isabella appear. She did not appear to him when he was on jacobs side.

I think that MIB/Son of God escaping the island will represent the apocolypse.

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