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MIB is NOT the smoke monster byGreg

I have a new theory. I probably stole a few ideas from other people, but those people know who they are and should be happy that other people think they are on to something.

MIB is not the smoke monster. He may be connected to the smoke monster, or more likely always in CLOSE PROXIMITY to the smoke monster, but he is not the smoke monster. The writers have never let us see the MIB/Flocke transform into the black smoke. N-E-V-E-R.

I always assumed this was due to Lost's unforunate CGI budget. Film in Hawaii, skimp on computers. But no longer.

In the last episode, they finally showed both the entity MIB/Flocke and the smoke monster. I guess they could explain this ability as an extension of the smoke monster or a projected mental image or something, and we'll have to wait and see about that. But think about what dividng up the MIB entity from the smoke monster might begin to explain.

I made this list thinking that the entity that is MIB/Flocke is actually some type of spirit or ghost or consciousness that has been disconnected from its original body. The smoke monster is truly a security system that protects the island and also follows this entity around. This entity, when in close proximity to humans, may (or may not - his choice probably) sound like whispers. Somehow, this entity can take the form of certain people in some situations.

A. MIB stated (paraphrased from another theory) that Jacob "stole my body".
B. MIB appears to chained up Richard while smoke monster roams about outside the Black Rock.
C. Some entity whispers to Locke when Ben brings him to the cabin to see Jacob.
D. It may just be this entity that is "trapped" in the cabin, not the smoke monster. This is how the smoke monster could be roaming around the losties in the woods during the pilot as it didn't have to watch the entity at that time.
E. This is why Ben told the french woman to run if she heard whispers. If you hear whispers (the entity), the smoke monster is probably VERY close.
F. The smoke monster may just be killing those who are on the island but not candidates.
G. The smoke monster might work for both Jacob and the MIB/Flocke entity is some fashion. It may be watching over the entity, but it is not working just for Jacob. It follows some type of rules, and those rules may vary depending on who is either winning or who is dead. Now that Jacob is dead, perhaps MIB can use it in different ways. I feel like sometimes the Smoke Monster is carrying the entity now, and that is why we hear it all the time when Flocke shows up.
H. Perhaps being seperated from your body allows you to contact those who are in the realm of the dead. Now that Jacob is seperated from his body (or dead) perhaps he can now do this and that would explain how he helped Richard's dead wife find Hurley.

Ok. That was a bit shakey in terms of structure, but I think my point has been made.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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