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Mayan Apocalypse Island by LLHKitty

I just finished watching Apocalypse Island on the history channel and several aspects of this island fell into focus in regards to Lost.

I don't know all the details about the Mayan muths, but so many of them include almost all the issues the Losties are dealing with. This is just some quick ideas thrown together after looking at a few websites. Please feel free to dig deeper and in more detail to flesh this theory out.

This island featured in this show is supposed to have a Mayan temple and statue or monument built on it. It is located in the south pacific and is supposed to be central to the end of the Mayan calandar (2012) Kan B' Alam was supposed to have gone to the island from the Mayan culteral center and be there to witness the last major solar eclipse of the Mayan calandar which will cause the world we know to end and the Mayan kings to rise again as gods.

The only way Kan can talk to the dead Mayan kings is by cutting his penis with a knife, collecting the blood on a piece of paper. finally burning the paper to create a serpent or pillar of smoke. Through this smoke serpent he can recieve information about the universe and time.

Kan traveled to this island to prove he is the Time God. He contemplated the massive cycles of time and history demonstrating forcefully his mastery of space and time to show he is worthy of the title of the master of the Universe.

I looked up several Mayan myths which included the Hero Mayan Twins who were traveling far and wide defeating foes through trickery and great powers. The twins went to Xibalba and were tricked into staying there. The were to play a game of ball and if they lost they had to forfit their lives and stay in Xibalba. Their heads were hung on a Calabash tree where a woman came and through saliva from the tree was able to become pregnant with twins who set out to avenge their fathers.

There is also a Temple of Inscriptions (painted red) in a Mayan city which has many more symbols and myths found in Lost.

One myth includes Bacabs (sounds like Jacob) which is thought to be a diety which is made up of 4 brothers who hold up the sky in each of the 4 directions, The 4 brothers are symbolized by the colors black, white, red, and yellow. This one diety is godess of weaving, medicine, and childbirth.

Some of the powers some Mayan gods have included weaving spells of protection epecially for their temples. The temples to the Mayans represented living entities because the Mayans believed the land was alive.

There is a lot more symbols, myths, creatures, and names I didn't mention but when you see them you will be very surprised.

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