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I think I have it Lost is just a rehash of the special “Doctor Who The Key to Time”, 1978 - 1979. I normally watch this every year or so and while watching it this weekend I couldn’t help but notice all the similarities to Lost. The key to time complete adventure is made up of 6 episodes. The Doctor is a timelord from the planet Gallifrey who is able to travel through both time and space. I won’t give the entire synopsis of each episode just give you some similarities to Lost:

1. The Ribos Operation: The Doctors TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) – is intercepted by the White Guardian (the guardian of light and time) who sets the Doctor on a quest to find the 6 segments to the Key to Time. I believe this is why there are 6 candidates in Lost. The Key once assembled, will allow the White Guardian to restore balance to a universe descending into evil and chaos. The island is supposed to somehow keep our world in balance. To assist the Doctor he is given a companion, Romana, and a tracer to locate and transform the segment back into its segment of the key. The segments can be in any shape or form according to the White Guardian. The White Guardian also tells the Doctor that he has a counterpart, the Black Guardian (Guardian of Darkness), who if he gets the key will plunge the universe into chaos and destruction. Both guardians can also assume any shape. On the planet they encounter 2 conmen Garron and Unstoffe. I believe this! is where both Lockes father (Garron) and Sawyer (Unstoffe) came from. There is also a character named Sholakh who I believe to be where the Locke character originated.

2. The Pirate Planet: While on this planet they encounter a pirate named the Captain who has a trophy room made up of the crushed remains of planets which is used to form a time dam. The time dam is used to keep Queen Xanxia alive and she is currently in a form that will in her opinion never age or die. This is the inspiration for the Richard character in my opinion. The Captains first mate Mr. Fibuli offers the Caption 3 alternative which I believe to be the 3 choices that Fake Locke offers to Sawyer. Also the crushed planets form a system that creates a perfect balance to the environment almost reminding me of the perfect balance of the scales in the cave which Fake Locke takes Sawyer to to show him the names on the cave walls.

3. The Stones of Blood: Back on Earth the Doctor encounter Vivian Fay who is 4000 years old who is most likely the inspiration for the Richard character since she doesn’t appear to age either. She is able to take on different forms almost like the smoke monster. She uses her staff to create a static circle that the Doctor is unable to enter. This reminds me of the black ash used to keep Smokey at bay. It is also found out that she was a prisoner aboard a ship that was taking her to be judged for her crimes but she managed to escape. Again remind you of anyone. The Druid religion is based around her. She used rock creatures called Ogres to do her bidding. She used her ability to transform into the Doctor to lure Romana to the edge of a cliff and push her off (leaving Romana dangling for her life) that seems eerily familiar to the scene where the Sawyer had to be rescued by Fake Locke. Romana ended up being rescued by the real Doctor.

4. The Androids of Tara: On this planet they encounter the kings swordsman who does the soon to be king (Prince Reynart) bidding including killing. He I believe is the inspiration for Sayid Jarrah and his characters named is Farrah (just one letter off). They find themselves at one point trying to enter secretly into Castle Graf owned by Count Grendal (in my opinion the temple). Castle Graf is surrounded by a moat. Remember the water surrounding the temple. Also the kings man knows of a secret entrance into the Castle. On the outskirts of the castle under foliage is a hole in the wall leading to an underground entrance used by the nobility to avoid the peasants in the time of plagues. Remind you of the entrance Jin showed Hurley and crew while trying to enter the temple. Princess Strella is a prisoner and can be seen weaving a tapestry almost like the scene where Jacob is weaving his tapestry. There is a Japanese style hut that they call a pavilion that I equate t! o the Japanese style house Jack saw in the lighthouse mirror. In the Counts android fixer Madame Lamia’s lab can be seen a tapestry that looks like balance scales.

5. The Power of Krull: They run into green natives on the 3rd moon of the planet Delta Magna. The natives were placed on this moon almost like native Americans were on reservations. The earth men have discovered a source of methane which they are collecting in abundance and now want the moon back. The natives believe in creature called Krull who they believe protect them. They are intending to go to war with the earth men and remove them from their world. They capture Romana and intend to offer her as a sacrifice to Krull. During that encounter the Doctor saves Romana at the last minute identifying the Krull creature to be one of the natives dressed in a costume. I believe this to be the symbolism of Fake Locke who said he was once a man, who we know now to also be Smokey. Once of the men at the methane refinery name is spelled Dugeen. It is almost pronounced the same as the Temple Samurai Dogen. Once every 10 hours they collect enough methane to be harvested and ! they fire the methane capsule into orbit to be collected. This shot reminded me of the warning shot that Dogen shot into the air warning everyone to prepare for Smokey after learning that Jacob was dead. There was a point in this story where the Doctor descended into a well to retrieve a book about Krull. This scene reminded me of the scene where Locke descended into the well to turn the wheel that would transport him off the island. Also after the shot was fired the clock would reset. This reminded me of the 108 minute clock resetting after the number 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 & 42 numbers were entered into the swan hatch computer. There was even a scene where the Head native speaking to the Doctor had a speech about the humans coming to their world fighting and the greed and evil of their great cities. This reminded me of the line where the MIB was speaking to Jacob on the beach. There were multiple instances of white smoke in this and several other episodes that reminded ! me of Smokey.

6. The Armageddon Factor: They come to the Planet of Atrios who is at war with its twin planet Xeos. They are in the middle of a Nuclear war. This reminds me of the Jughead bomb. The military leader of the Atrios people is a man they call the Marshal who is being controlled by the black guardian (the Shadow) who is the Doctors rival. The Marshal is being overcome by a darkness. This reminds me of what Dogen say about Sayid and Claire. The emblem on the Marshal’s uniform has pyramid designs on it reminding me of the temple. The Marshal stares into a mirror where he receives instructions from the Shadow. The mirror in my opinion is the inspiration for the lighthouse mirror.

- I won’t tell you all how it ends as they may use a similar ending. Also during each and every episode there are themes showing the black and white contrast. Whether it be the clothing that individual are wearing, props in the room, checkerboard patterns on the floor etc. I would say 3 to 7 in each episode. I also caught references to the number 4, 8, 15 & 42. I’m sure if I went back I could find the rest. I don’t think this is just a coincidence at all. Watch it for yourselves and let me know what you think.

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