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The Loop and the Choices we Make by SlimCalhoun

My apologies if this theory lives elsewhere, buried in the sand beneath the shadow of the statue and the two thousand theories already posted. This theory (or observations) is built on the belief the flash-sideways are our heroes lives without any 'push' from Jacob. Which surprisingly mirror the choices each candidate makes on the island, on whether or not to follow MIB.

Jack is healing from his bitter relationship with his father
Hurley's perception of bad luck is now one of confidence
Syiad is a killer at heart
Ben choosing a child's future instead of his own personal ambition

What if the time-flashes created the loop MIB required in order to kill Jacob. Would the rule state:

Time must always pass to the observer(read: candidates or any person on the island). The island moving in time resulted in a continuous linear experience for those time-skipping. The rule remains intact.

The result of which allowed Richard to be manipulated, believing John Locke was special, and potentially their next leader. Culminating with Jacobs death.

In contrast, Jacob, in preparation of choices made, used the time-flashes to mount his defense. He knew Eloise, who knowingly sent her son to die, would dedicate her life to ensuring Daniel became a physicist, after killing him unknowingly.

I think one of the rules is a Candidate can only be killed by the actions of another Candidates, and their own to some extent. Essentially candidates are governed by the choices they make, except they cannot take their own lives willingly.

Candidates are also able to see ghost from their past. Hurley being the most gifted. Those who lack a certain gift from Jacob cannot interact with these spirits.

It also appears that each level of leadership or better yet membership is bound by a certain set of rules/understanding. Consider Widmore and Ben (can not kill) as opposed to Ben vs. Locke (whom he killed but at time, Locke was perceived to have assumed Ben's old position). Or for example Illana and Dogen each knew more than Richard or the others as a whole.

What if widmore was lied to, manipulated into believe MIB was Jacob. Or simply recruited him?

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