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Locke the patsy by ig69

This episode has finally solved the debate regarding whether Locke has been receiving 'divine guidance from the island' or simply been a puppet. I'm sure that at the end of the season we'll come to realize that the smoke monster/MIB would have needed to occupy someone's body in order for this end game to play out. I'm sure we'll be treated to an ending that resolves six seasons of story lines with a pleasurable/satisfying ending, and in that respect, Locke will be the only character that smokey could inhabit that could be manipulated and defeated in order to acheive Jacob's ultimate purpose. Locke has been a puppet and manipulated according to Jacob's design so that he could ultimately be destroyed 'easily' in the end.

Since the beginning of LOST, Locke has received indirect manipulation from Jacob in the form of dreams, visions, the ability to walk, etc. He's been selected because ultimately he is a weak person and has serious weaknesses that can be exploited. Be utilizing his extreme need to have a purpose, Jacob as crafted Locke into a weapon that will lead to Jacob's temporay demise but will result in the realization of Jacob's ultimate goal: MIB dead of his own devices and the end of the need for the island (as a prison for smokey).

I think that MIB would end up inhabiting someones body in the end. I'm sure in the multiple timelines that playout (similar to the alternate timeline that's developing now) smokey takes on the body of a dead Jack, Sun, etc., escapes from the island, and destroys the known universe. In the timeline that is shown to us, the one person that he can occupy and still be defeated is presented. Locke has been manipulated directly by Widmore through medicine and encouragement, and indirectly by Jacob through dreams and visions. I think that MIB can only indirectly interact with people by manifesting people stored in the memory, while Jacob can only indirectly interact through dreams and healing/life-extending means.

Ultimately, I think FLOCKE will be destroyed by someone exploiting the characteristics of Locke's nature that have always been exploited: his need for a father, his need for a purpose, his belief in a purpose greater than himself. Smokey has been pushed into taking the form of Locke through carefully orchestrated manipulation coming directly from Jacob and maifesting itself through Widmore's, Ellie's, and in a round-about way Ben's actions towards him. In the end, Locke has always been a pawn.

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