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Littleton 313 by Pensmond

I am intrigued by a theory posted by Jared called "The Numbers Mathematical Significance." This is an extension of that theory:

It is possible that the two teams were balanced with different rosters in the beginning (Season 1):

4 (Locke) + 8 (Reyes) + 42 (Kwon) = 54

15 (Ford) + 16 (Jarrah) + 23 (Shepard) = 54

And note: 54+54=108 (Wallace)

Then, the teams started undergoing a reorganization manipulated by UnLocke & Jacob. One team must have a higher total number than the other to win and end the game. As already mentioned in the theory "The Numbers Mathematical Significance" by Jared, as of Season 6, Episod 6 ("Sundown"):
UnLocke's team: Ford (15) + Jarrah (16) = 31
Jacob's team: Shepard (23) + Reyes (8) = 31
Tied at 31 so no winner yet...and there are still many more numbers that to be added in (eg: Kate 51, Claire?, etc.)!

Perhaps after the new teams are determined, that total number will add up to 313 (Littleton). It is significant that this is an odd number because it means it will be impossible to evenly divide the two teams--and one side must emerge victorious! I think Jacob's team will be 157 and UnLocke's team will be 156, so good will triumph against evil. Game over.

Upon completion of this game, Aaron, 313, will return to the island and take over Jacob's place because his number is the winning number. Reset. New game.

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