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Lost Connection [1] is a bonus feature on the Season 2 DVD Set of Lost.

According to Carlton Cuse.

"Have you ever sat next to someone at a bar and felt that your paths have crossed before? Has the thought ever crossed your mind that the stranger behind you at the store would become a significant part of your life? In 1929, a Hungarian writer (Frigyes Karinthy) put forth the idea that anyone of us could name any one person among the earth's billions of inhabitants and through, at most 5 acquaintances, connect that person back to themselves. He called it "The Theory of Centrality". Today it's more commonly known as "Six-Degrees of Separation". Look at the pictures: seemingly random people.

(Photos of random people are shown, most likely friends and family of the crew). Do you know any of them? Do any of them know you? Do any of them know someone you know? Odds are that the answer to anyone of these questions is yes. Perhaps they've crossed paths with you, or a loved one, years ago at work, at home, on a trip. Throughout the world, connections are constantly being made. Which begs the question; are chance encounters a matter of coincidence, or a matter of fate? Open your eyes and look around you. Mathematically, in a world of billions, is the theory plausible? And if so, is it possible that seemingly random connections have significance? Are these meetings mere chance? Or could there be a larger picture that has yet to come into focus? The only thing we can be sure of is: in the beginning, it all starts with one person" (Screen with Jack Shephard appears.)" [1]

The quote is interesting because in the LAX timeline, we still see random relationships form between the main characters. Moreover we know that the numbers are associated with certain characters. So let me posit this:

There is only 6 degrees of separation between you, and the entire world.

Assuming the MIB lied when he said the six candidates are Jacob's candidates; but are actually his candidates. They are a possible link to someone he's looking for.

If you look @ the top connectors, who aren't dead, in Lost Connection, you'll have the following list:


These are the candidates!

Morover, in the game you have a mystery link, the waving figure [2]

Waving figure

3 connections

* All 3 connections are separate, that is that they only link back to one person.
o Jack
o Christian
o Claire

Both, Christian, and Claire are under control by the MIB. Only Jack is left. Only Jack is the missing link to this waving figure. So if the MIB can cut these 3 links to the waving figure, which may be important to the birth of the figure, the waving figure will not exist.

Perhaps the waving figure is Jacob.

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