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Light versus Dark by LightUFO

What is this all about? Its about good versus evil. The light side versus the dark side. The demon Botis who knows past, present and future has awaken. Botis is in Lockes body. Eremiel is the only angel who can defeat Botis. These 2 are in a chess like game, and the game is control over humanity.

Fake Locke is the demon Botis, Someone on the the evil Locke team will take him out in the end. Might it be Syid who when he finds out the Nadia won't have him for the evil he has done be so distraught that he destoys the evil Locke?

Perhaps it will be Sawyer who is next in line to be manipulated. Kate is the bargining chip here. Will Kate sell out.

At the end of the day it will all come down to Jack much as it did when he had the power to control Ben's fate. He was willing to risk it all for 2 people who betrayed him. Jake will need the goodness of Hurley and help from someone not here right now. Walt and Desmond are maybe those 2.

The epic war will look hopeless, even LOST

It will come down to good versus evil and a miracle. Faith will also play a big role as it did in the first season.

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