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The Last Supper - Two Teams by The Graphite

Look at the picture of the cast that parodies the "Last Supper." Notice that EVERY candidate who has been swayed to join the Locke-ness Monster is on the LEFT side of the picture.

Certainly, there are people on the left side who are not necessarily officially "claimed" or tainted by MIB, yet. But, it's definitely interesting to me that the number of people on the left side of the picture on Locke's side exactly equals the number of people on the right side on Jack's side of the picture. And every single "dark" person who has joined FLocke is on the left, on FLocke's side. The odds of that happening accidentally are pretty low for a group that size.

I suspect that this is giving us an indication of the two sides we will see in the coming war/game. Jack and FLocke are right in the middle, and each has their team at their side.

Note, Hurley is on Jack's side. I don't expect that Hurley will go over to FLocke's side. I also see Lapidus on the right side. I really doubt he would go over to FLocke's side, as well. It's nice to see Sun and Jin on the same side (on Jack's side), too.

I see Ilana on the left side, and personally I can believe she would defect to FLocke's side, as she may feel betrayed by Jacob at this point. Her men have been killed off, and FLocke may make a good case to her that this was all unnecessary and possibly even engineered by Jacob. The only stickler I see on the left is Ricardus, and frankly, we know so little about him that we can't be sure FLocke couldn't intimidate him or bribe him with something we don't yet realize Richard wants. He's a very uncertain part of this theory; I recognize that. But, I don't think him standing on the left side rules anything out.

I can't be dogmatic about this, but this picture sure does look like two teams, one on the left and one on the right. We'll have to see more to find out if this theory is sound.

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