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In last night's episode Illana told Sun (and us) that there are only six Candidates left. It's fairly obvious that these are Jack, Kate,Sawyer,Sayid,Hurley,and Kwon and that she was unsure of who she is supposed to protect. It seems like it has to be Jin.

Richard said in last night's episode that if Jacob touches you you are blessed and are unable to die until, I guess, the island is done with you (a la Michael). Okay with that in mind it becomes fairly clear that Jin has been safe from harm for this reason.

1. The first instance was in Season 2 when he washed up on the beach after the explosion of the raft.

2. At the end of Season 3 when the Others held Sayid, Bernard, and Jin captive, they decided to make Jin an example and shoot him unless Bernard talked. Jin was ready to face his death as he said simply, "No talk." Of course Bernard couldn't let him die and he spoke up.

3. The most substantial piece of evidence comes in Season 5 when we found that the freighter explosion did not kill Jin at all and he's pretty much unscathed for the most part and flashing with everyone else. At the time it seemed like convenient writing that he just happened to live but now it seems he can't be killed.

4. This season just as Aldo is about to shoot Jin, Claire comes to the rescue.

Also let's look at the Oceanic Six for a moment. Jack, Kate, and Hurley all see visions of people which influence them into going back to the island. Jack sees his father, Kate sees Claire telling her not to bring back Aaron (more on that in a sec.) plus a mysterious phone call saying backwards, "The Island needs you, you have to go back before it's too late." Hurley sees Charlie amongst other dead people, plus Jacob comes to him. Sayid has outside forces bringing him kicking and screaming back to the island. Locke, Jacob, Illana, and Ben to some degree.

Sun really doesn't. She doesn't even get a visit from Locke, granted he would have if Jin didn't tell her not to, but I feel that the fact that she didn't get a visit is still significant. The candidates need to get back to the island but she doesn't.That's why Walt didn't need to come back either. The vision of Claire tells Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island because he's not a candidate and not needed. Sun only goes back because Ben tells her Jin is alive.

Whose the only Oceanic Six member that didn't travel through time? The island/Jacob needed the other Candidates to travel through time, for what reason I don't know yet but Sun isn't part of the plan. That makes her susceptible to death and considering this is the last season, a Sun death would be pretty monumental and enough to drive Jin over to the dark side of the force should MIB want to. Which he could do because she isn't a candidate in my mind. Then again, why wouldn't he have already?

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