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John, you dont have a father by ArcticJak

Hey this is my first post ever, so excuse me if it sucks lol. This idea just came to me as I was looking back at the past seasons, and one thing stood out. Remember the episiode where it shows John Locke working in a supermarket (or something like that) and his mother comes up to him. After a brief conversation he asks about his father to which she says he doesn't have one and that he was miraclously concieved.

Here's the weird part. When MIB was speaking to Kate on the beach, there was a huge conversation about his mother not once did he mention having a father. How intresting would it be if Jacob and MIB were both miraclously concieved too.

Her's another thought. MIB talks about Aaron and how he has a crazy mother now and that he ALSO had a CRAZY mother. Now doesn't John Locke's mother seem a little bit crazy to you?

I just think its interesting that their are some similarities.

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