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Hi, first time poster, apologies if this has already been expounded upon.

In "Ab Aeterno," MIB asks Richard to kill Jacob with the special dagger, instructing him that he must kill Jacob immediately without letting him speak first. If you remember, these were the same exact instructions Dogan gave to Sayid.

Upon watching the episode a second time, I realized the significance of the repeat instructions. It made me theorize that there's a 3rd party involved -- someone who created the island to protect the world from the Pandora's Box of evil from spreading. This person also "created" Jacob and MIB, telling them that they couldn't kill each other, but that others could, only by following the special rules.

I'm sure there are other rules as well. If you recall, when Keamy was holding a gun to Alex's head, Ben simply let the events unfold. Only after Keamy shot Alex, Ben was in total disbelief, saying over and over again, "he broke the rules. he broke the rules."

So who is this creator? Could it be MIB's nutjob mom? Could Jacob and MIB be brothers? Could they be a single entity, just split into two personalities? And how long ago was the island and its rules created? My guess is around the time when the Ancient Egyptian dynasties flourished. There are too many pointers to the culture, what with Tawaret the statue and the hieroglyphics scattered on many of the structures across the island.

Please let me know what you all think!

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