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MIB convinced Sawyer that Jacob took away his free will along with everyone on that wall. Sure, Jacob may have encouraged certain actions or made things more convenient for people to take a certain path (handing the pen to Sawyer for example). However, that does not at all mean he took away their free will when you look at things logically.

People influence other people all the time to make certain decisions whether they are conscious of it or not. Jacob never held a gun to anyone's head. Even with Hurley - Jacob asked him to go to the island. He said Hurley had a choice to go. Sure, Jacob probably wanted Hurley to go to the island but that doesn't mean he made Hurley act against his own will power.

MIB wants to play the "blame Jacob" game. MIB seems to want to convince people that their actions are not their own fault, that Jacob is the scape goat. He tells them they are OK and to trust in him and they will get what they want. He acts like a father figure for them. His followers are so desperate for what they want that they won't question his motives or why he wants to help them. MIB abuses their faith instead of helping them let go of what caused their own pain.

MIB is convincing his followers (so far) that they never had free will.

I still don't know if Jacob or MIB are "good" or "evil", we'll probably never get an answer on that. They both manipulated although MIB doesn't really give a choice, join or die.

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