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Jacob and Smokey push the button too by Momaphly

The relationship between Jacob and Smokey has been mirrored directly on the show before. Think of the Season 2 hatch storyline as a microcosm of the same situation. Suppose that many years ago, Smokey and Jacob were asked to protect the island. They were never told why, only that this was what they were supposed to do. After about a thousand years of doing this, Smokey and Jacob both became disillusioned with the job. To quote John Locke, “It’s a two man job, at least, and I don’t want to do it alone, I can’t do it alone.”

Okay that is a bit of a paraphrase, but it is along those lines. Jacob agrees that they should leave, but they must find replacements before they can go. Smokey agrees, but as time passes, it seems more and more likely that no one will pass the test to become their replacements. Jacob doesn’t want to give up though. The kicker is, Smokey doesn’t think that they even need replaceme! nts, because the whole thing is a sham, just like pushing the button. Jack reluctantly did so at first, but it never mattered to him. Pushing the button for him was akin to trying to be a Sheppard of hope for John. It was good bedside manner to do so, and just a little piece of him wanted to believe that there was a purpose after running into Des. I think that there is something being contained within the island, something that was imprisoned there that Jacob and Smokey don’t really know anything about. Without anyone to guard the island, this thing will be released. I am not ready to try to think about the implications of that, but the concept is definitely starting to bubble. So anyway, I think Smokey’s plan will culminate much like Locke’s button pushing. Locke became disillusioned and convinced himself and Des that the whole thing was a sham and he sat there after the computer was broken with Des who showed him proof that the hatch was important to the island. As! the hatch was imploding around him, Locke looks at Eko and sa! ys “I was wrong.”

I really like the idea of both Jacob and Smokie being in the dark just like the rest of us. It was divinity that made them who they are, and they must follow blindly just like the rest of us. If you look at the show as an iris slowly opening up, you find that the people in charge all answer to someone else. Maybe Jacob and Smokey are just two pieces of a much larger conflict, and one they know nothing about and must follow on faith alone.

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