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Jack's Choice by Locke4God

I've been on about a Jack & Christian faceoff for sometime now, but this has a bit of a twist to it.

First off, I just feel that Jack's father issues have been so central to his character that they must be given a payoff, and with the mysteriousness of Christian and his unexplained inclusion throughout the show, the man must make another appearance.

A lot of theories suggest he was simply MIB, but the key word for me there is simply. It's very easy to chalk everything up to MIB.

But what did Jacob tell Hurley? That Jack must know that he's special in order to discover what he has to do. Well if Jack has to do it, then it must be something unique and personal to Jack. It can't just be lever he has to pull, otherwise anybody could do that.

He's got a couple of choices. One would be that he has to die. Only Jack could do that obviously. But another could be that he has to interact with a character that only he could interact in the proper way with. You've got a number of characters he has a unique relationship with. Locke is one of them and a very plausible one to end the show with. Kate is another. But then there's Christian, and it's pretty clear that nobody would have the same relationship as Jack does on multiple levels to Christian.

I think the choice is going to be akin to Jack either choosing to kill his father for his transgressions, as Locke had Sawyer do for his father. OR,,, OR,,, Jack will be able to choose to forgive him.

Just think about how this works within the fabric of the show.

Jacob is choosing candidates, potentially to succeed him. Locke was one, but while Locke didn't kill his father, he gave in to the temptation by having Sawyer do it for him. And who led Locke to Sawyer? Richard. And who likely inticed Richard into providing that information to Locke? Jacob. Jacob was testing Locke, and Locke gave in to temptation.

If you're following me, then you'll notice the immediate parrallel to Ben. Ben gave in to killing his own father, but more importantly Jacob sought to give Ben a chance at redemption. As Miles said, Jacob was hoping he was wrong about Ben, but when Ben came face to face with the choice to kill Jacob himself, Ben gave in to his emotions once more.

Sawyer gave in as well, by killing Cooper.

And so that will be Jack's choice. Whether to kill his father, who he will come face to face with, or whether to forgive him.

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