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In season two, while investigating the apparent attack on Sun by the others, Sawyer commented, "It's all in the details, and they're wrong." He was, of course, describing to Kate why the attack was only made to look like it was perpetrated by the others. This was just an illusion created by a conman (himself)who wanted everyone to think this was reality.

I believe that this comment just as easily applies to what we are currently seeing in the "Flash Sideways" or ALT universe. What we are seeing is NOT real, it is an elaborate illusion designed specifically for our candidates by our Man In Black. Whether he is creating this illusion supernatually or with the assistance of futuristic technology is not relevent to this theory (although I would greatly prefer the latter).

Throughout the series, the black smoke has been shown to appear to "scan" the minds of our losties. He has done this for all our candidates and has used the information to create the ALT universe we are seeing. My best guess is that this virtual world (think Matrix) is designed to keep our hero's from fulfilling their destiny. Problem is, this virtual world, this long con perpetrated on our losties, has glitches in it. These glitches are apparent if you simply pay attention to the details.

The most obvious clue to this world not being real thus far is Jack's appendectemy scar. MIB created this world in part from Jack's scanned memories, with changes added to give the illusion of his new virtual history. Problem is, real Jack still has his scar. This minute detail was overlooked when programming the ALT world. Because memories of life on the island were necessarily erased from memories, Jack has no memory of his appendecemy, creating an inconsistency. His mother (not real, just an illusion created from Jack's memories) offers an explanation that Jack does not remember (because this detail was small and overlooked).

Another detail that defies any other explanation is Kate's finding Claire after commandeering the taxi. As many of you have speculated, there is no way Kate could have relocated
Claire. These events pushed the envelope if believability, even in a fantasy based television program. However, if this theory is correct, then this world is a virtual creation to give Kate what she desires. And what does she desire, to reunite claire and Aaron, and escape. I propose Claire in this world is NOT REAL. She is an illusion created from Kate's memories. How do we know this? The Killer Whale. It is not real, it was created after the monster scanned Kate's memories. Also remember, Kate was aware Claire was coming to LA to give Aaron up for adoption. How convenient that the adoption fell through, giving Kate the opportunity to fulfill her desire to help Claire and Aaron stay together.

Jack's ALT universe was designed to give him what he desires, confirmation that he is not his father by allowing Jack to forge a better relationship with his own son. Unfortunately for Jack, David is not real, he is a manifestation of Jack's desire. I believe Jack also desires a relationship with Kate and the two will meet soon in the ALT universe.

This theory also explains the mounting number of connections to ALT versions of people we have already met on the island. Why was it Keamy who was extorting money from Sayid's brother? Because he was created from Sayid's scanned memories. Why is Randy Nations such a douche? Because he was created from Locke's and/or Hurley's memories and that is how he is remembered.

So where is this storyline going. I believe we will learn where all our losties are in the ALT universe in the next few episodes. In the second half of the season, the problems with the "details" of the universe will cause one or some of our heroes to question the nature of their reality. Expect conflict between some who wish to remain in the virtual world and those who wish to expose it. Also, prepare for a tearful last scene between Jack and David as Jack makes to painful decision to pull the plug on his virtual paradise and lose the son he loves (even though he knows he is not "real").

Ultimately, this is Jack's story and he will make the final decision. I believe he will make a great personal sacrifice for the greater good and will return to reality/island to fulfill his destiny. Exactly what that is? I am not sure.

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