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The island has only dead people by Sophie Caley

So, I've been watching Lost all this time, and while doing that, a sudden thought came to my mind.

We are all used in seeing dead people on this island (see Christian,Locke e.t.c.) so what if all of them were dead?

What I'm trying to say it's plain and simple.The facts came as following; The first & original plane crashed, the people actually died, and this island is something like "a mid-station between life & death".I know this is a scary and outrageous theory and can be easily doubted and corrupted, but it makes sense in some sort of way.

Regarding the flash sideways, I think all of us have come to a conclusion ; That they portray how their lives would be without Jacob's touch ? Probably.But think about it , Shannon for example wasn't "touched" (as we know) by Jacob.Still, she changed her mind in this flash sideway and didn't follow Boone.

It's out of everyone's logic skills to understand what's really happening there, but we do have to insist in one thing.Death is an important matter in this island.

Also what inspired me writing this theory was a quote of Charlotte.This quote was claimed at season 5 , when she was about to die, when she was bleeding in Faraday's arms.What she said was "This place is death" and the title of that episode was that quote.So it must have been serious for the screen-writers.Surely Charlotte is somehow another "mystery" since we never really learned what happened during her first visit on the island.I believe she knew what she was saying at that time, although all the meaningless things she said.That quote was spoken with cruelty, sadness or even despair.

Last but not least, I have another incident which also happened in season 5.Do you remember the conversation between Naomi and Miles at that restaurant ? When Miles asked where he was going or what this island was, Naomi replied : "This island has a number of deceased individuals... residing on it.." so it gets freaky.

I don't know what you guys think , let me know about your point of views.
Maybe it's just silly enough, but probably it's a logical explanation.What if our lovely Losties are dead ?

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