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Hyperspace and other dimensions by elmanchez

This is actually a quantum theory that I´m pretty sure the creators of Lost used as a reference for their time travels extravaganza.

Let´s start by stating that the Einstein´s equation of relativity does not make time travels a possibility. Actually, it gives the notion that there ins´t a law of physics that prevents time travel! It is extremelly difficult to achieve this possibility, but not impossible.

So the Losties being sent to the past and setting the bomb is actually a big time paradox! (not sure if someone already, but probably have, said this here before)

In a quick notion of a time paradox, it is that situation where you could go back in the past and prevent your birth. Whether is by killing your granma (the classic), or avoiding your parents to meet (like Back to the future).

So, let´s analyze the chronology of events: the Losties have screwed up time when they got back and were faced with Faraday´s theory on the bomb. So they went eviel knievel on everybody, opened a can of whoopass on those dharma folks and exploded the bomb and then...apparently nothing. There they were in good ´ol jungle. That is for them. For us, viewers, something must have happened because Jack is a daddy-o!

The paradox here: if they exploded the bomb and avoided everything, how could they go back to the past and explode the bomb that would avoid everything? There wouldn´t have the NEED of a bomb in the first place. So WTF?

Juliet said: it worked. And it has.

The answer, mah friends:
According to one interpretation of quantum theory, every time an electron is faced with a choice, i must quote: "the world divides to allow it to take every possibility on offer. In the simplest example, the electron may be faced with a wall containing two holes, so that it must go through one hole or the other. The Universe splits so that in one version of reality -- one set of relative dimensions -- it goes through the hole on the left, while in the other it goes through the hole on the right. Pushed to its limits, this interpretation says that the Universe is split into infinitely many copies of itself, variations on a basic theme, in which all possible outcomes of all possible "experiments" must happen somewhere in the "multiverse"." In a simple example, there is a Universe were Hitle killed himself, and another were the Nazis won.

So if you decided to go and kill your granny in the past before you were born, you would create two universes, one where you were never born, and the other, where granny wasn´t killed and you were born to go back and slay that nana!

Wild, huh?

So this is the showdown: the other universe, in my guess, isn´t created by Jacob or Flocke. It is, actually, the Universe law of Hyperspace adjusting itself so there would be no paradox whatsoever! The sideways ARE the branch of Universe where they achieved their goal, while the normal time is the Universe where there could be the possibility of the Losties going to the past and kick everybody asses Einstein´s Style.

What are the powers of Flocke or Jacob in the sideway I cannot say, but i´d guess they have no power there, unless Jacob can travel multiverses. On the other hand, I´m down with the Donnie Darko theorists: these two universes are bound to collapse on each other and I´m looking forward to see how the creators are gonna get out of this one.

My two cents.

If you wanna see more on this, I recommend you to read Michio Kaku´s Hyperspace: Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension. It´s everything there!

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