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What is the point of spending all this air-time showing an 'alternate' reality? I asked myself this question the other day and came to the only logical conclusion: there is no point. From a storytelling perspective that is. This means one of two things: either the sideways timeline is an epilogue... or more likely it is a prologue. Only in this season have we come to understand that our beloved main characters are 'candidates' - so the storytelling objective here is to explain how they all became candidates.

Here's the timeline:

In the original timeline (sideways-verse) the DI came to the Island just as they do in the series timeline. They then drill into the pocket like a retarded child with a stick poking a beehive. This unfortunately releases the energy which has been held at bay by the Island until now. Thus begins a chain reaction which will eventually destroy the planet (and maybe the entire universe).

Jacob, his job being to ensure that this doesn't happen, wisks Desmond away from flight 815 as it passes over the site of the Island. He then instructs Desmond to find all the candidates and convince them that the world needs saving. At some point they will all wind up in the same place and Desmond or Jacob will fill them in. They will then agree to become candidates. This willing agreement is what allows Jacob to bring at least some of them back to the moment of the incident. They will then detonate a bomb - the first bomb (either Jughead or a new one brought from the future) - which will preserve the Island. This action creates the timeline that the series began with in season 1.

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