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This theory owes to some others that have discussed the nature of the ALT. If you see a part of your theory that I've used, feel free to take credit in the comments.

I'll admit upfront that there is a hole in this theory I can't explain well. However, I still think this theory might hold some water, and that the inability to tie the loose ends all together is due to information that we have yet to receive. Now then...

In the season 4 finale, Locke is told that he needs to move the island. To accomplish this, he is supposed to turn the frozen donkey wheel. As we know, Ben moves the wheel instead and is deposited back into original timeline Tunisia. Later, Locke is admonished, for being the one that was supposed to push the wheel, and he too pushes his way back to the original timeline.

In no meaningful way has the island moved yet. However, Ben and Locke being off island sets in motion the events which lead to the O6 returning, complete with Locke's corpse. Locke's presence is necessary for MIB's loophole, yet... In no meaningful way has the island moved yet.

It isn't until the Dharma-destined head back in time and set off Jughead that the island truly moves, a series of events that was set in motion by the initial push of the donkey wheel. The FDW was in a sense still indirectly responsible for moving the island - without Locke getting off-island, the O6 might not return, which means no Jughead, which means no moving island. But the FDW did not cause the move itself.

And how exactly did the island move?

ALT is not just an alternate universe - it is exactly what is occurring in the same universe in which the island now exists. If on-island Jack were to leave the island at this point, we would be able, in theory, to encounter ALT Jack. Jughead caused the entire island to move to another universe, where things played out differently. A universe where the rules of the game may be different, where MIB can possibly win.

This doesn't explain why we see the island underwater in the premiere. However, in spite of Darlton saying that we're done with time travel, I think we will see something occur in the past that explains this. Perhaps it is the ALT universe's way of course correcting for the fact that, originally, there was no island in the ALT...

If this is true, I'm not sure anyone makes it off the island alive. Unless they find a way to move it again. Perhaps Jack and Locke will be the caretakers of the island for its move to the next universe, doomed to be lost in the multiverse forever...

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