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Failsafe Key and Sideways World by Anaximandar

I have a theory concerning the sideways world. I believe the sideways world will become aware of the Island world at some point in the remaining hours of the show. We already have seen several instances of the characters having some sort of intuition about something being out of place. Jack recognizes Desmond, Claire naming her son Aaron, Kate recognizes Jack, Jack is fuzzy about his appendix scar, etc... I believe these instances are foreshadowing the Sideways world characters becoming sentient about the Island characters.

I think this is going to happen when Desmond turns the failsafe key and releases the electro-magnetic energy. This event happens about 67 days after the plane crashes. So about 67 days after the plane lands in the Sideways-world, I expect something remarkable to happen.

Most likely, I expect the magnetic energy to somehow effect the conciousness of the sideways characters and they will somehow converge with the consciousness of the island characters. I posit the theory that turning the failsafe key opened a doorway between the two worlds, albeit a one-way doorway from Island-world to Sideways-World (because we have seen the events after the Swan Hatch implosion in Island World).

I am going to assume that the sideways world is a tangent timeline created when Juliet set off the bomb, which, granted, we don't know for sure yet. What we do know for sure is that there are two pockets of energy on the island. The negative energy is under the Orchid station and some exotic energy is under the Swan Station. I think these two pockets of energy are balanced to sustain the island. So if the hydrogen bomb goes off and the exotic energy neutralizes the blast, then the island would become unstable. This is what probably causes a volcano to erupt and the island to sink. This scenario would give the island inhabitants time to escape the island (at least Ben and his father) and start creating new events in the tangent timeline. What we do know is that the bomb goes off on the island and it causes the sky to turn white. I believe the sky turning white will have some significance to the sideways world, in fact, I find it highly likely that this will be the beg! inning of the sideways world - a world in which the island sinks.

(Small note: There are two pockets of energy and two Diety figures playing a metaphysical game of backgammon. I wonder if Jacob and Smokey are somehow representative of the energy pockets)

I'm trying to show a relationship between the sky turning colors and a connection between the two worlds. The next time in the chronology of the island that the sky turns colors is when Desmond turns the failsafe key (67 days after the crash). I believe that this will be the story point that propells the Sideways-world into action. When Desmond fails to push the button which causes Oceanic 815 to crash a little energy is escaped. This is the moment in the sideways world that the characters start to have 'deja-vu' moments, the turbulent moment on the plane. Since Shannon, Anna-Lucia and Boone are all dead on the Island world at ths time the failsafe key is turned, I wonder what will happen to these characters when Desmond turns the failsafe key and opens the doorway between the souls of these characters. When Desmond pushed the button every 108 minutes, he was probably saving the Sideways World, not the Island World.

Of course, after turning the fail-safe key the skey turns colors several more times. Turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel also caused the island to behave erratically (time travel) and could have altered the sideways world. How, I have no idea, but I am confident that the failsafe key will play a role somehow in the sideways world when that timeline catches up to 67 days after the plane landing.

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